What type of earring backing should I buy?

Buying a new set of earrings can be an exciting experience. Especially the first time you get to wear your new 14k Gold and Diamond Snowflake earrings to an event. That newfound confidence could all come crashing down though, if all of a sudden you reach up to feel your ear lobe and there is no earring there…

In this blog we’re going to be exploring a couple of different earring backing options to make sure that you’re not caught off guard by losing your latest purchase. Many people are only aware of a single type of earring backing, the friction post; however, there are a few other options that provide a more secure way to hold your earring in your ear without sacrificing comfort.

Friction Post

Let’s start with the basics, the friction post. This is by far the most popular and least complicated type of earring. Also commonly referred to as “push backs” it essentially consists of a flat plate with either a rubber seal or curved circular pieces of metal that cause there to be tension between the backing and the post of the earring. As the backing slides up the post of the earring, it gently hugs the post and keeps the earring in place. This means they are extremely easy to pop on and off, making them ideal for first time earring wearers or children that are learning to get used to taking them on and off. These come in a variety of sizes, and typically are used on less expensive sets of earrings.

Jumbo Back

There is a variation of the friction post, known as the Jumbo Back, is essentially the same thing as a friction post earring - just slightly larger. These earring backs are meant to help support the weight of a larger earring so that it doesn’t look all droopy hanging in someones ear. Although these are slightly bigger, just like the friction post they have a tendency to lose their effectiveness over time which means you run the risk of losing an earring after years of use.

Screw Back

If you’re planning on investing in a set of high value earrings that you most definitely DO NOT want to risk accidentally falling out at a party, the screw back is your most secure option for an earring backing. Rather than having a smooth earring post that relies on friction and spring tension to stay secure, these earrings have a post that is threaded (more like a bolt) and has a backing that screws up the back of the post until it rests snugly on the back of the earlobe. Although this is more time consuming, and not recommended for novice earring wearers or children, there is a much lower chance of you losing an earring. 

Another reason why the screw back is not necessarily for novice earring wearers is because of the potential irritation of the threads. Since the post of the earring is not smooth, it has the potential to irritate the inside of the hole in your ear if it’s not inserted properly. You also have to be conscious of not cross-threading the post as you screw on the backs. This results in “stripping” of the post and can either prevent the earring from being put on properly - or even more awkward… make the earring extremely difficult to remove.

No matter what earring type is your preference, we have a selection available for you here at JB Jewelers. You can visit us at our retail location in Hartville, Ohio (located in Stark County), purchase directly from our site if you see something you like, or contact us for any custom work you may be interested in!